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At Wings of Eagles Proofreading, we understand the power of impactful and inspirational communication, especially when it comes to expressing your Christian faith. Whether you run a Christian-based business, author fiction or non-fiction books, publish a blog or newsletter, coordinate church communication needs, or even teach a course or seminar, we are dedicated to elevating your manuscripts, business documents and reports, blogs, and other website content to new heights of excellence.


Our heartfelt mission is to come alongside the Christian community of authors, publishers, editors, pastors, business owners, church communication coordinators, educators, bloggers, and social-media influencers to provide quality proofreading services. Capitalizing on such qualities as sound knowledge of grammar and punctuation, attention to detail, great client relationship skills, and strong proofreading ability, and coupled with a dedication to serve the Christian community primarily, Wings of Eagles Proofreading is ready to serve you with grace, precision, and integrity.

Like the watchful, vigilant eyes of an eagle surveying his prey, our approach to proofreading is to meticulously review each word, sentence, and paragraph to ensure precision and grammatical perfection. We believe that every manuscript has the potential to soar, and our mission and ministry is to provide the proofreading support to make that happen. You're not just receiving proofreading services; you're gaining a dedicated Christian partner in bringing your literary vision to fruition.


Our proofreading services typically include correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, double words, missing words, inconsistencies, typographical errors, and formatting errors. It may also entail light edits such as sentence structure, clarity, conciseness, and style.

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to Authors/Publishers

We will work in conjunction with the overall editing process to ensure your manuscripts are without blemish on their final publishing journey

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to Business Owners/Churches

We will support you by handling all your proofreading needs including internal communication, reports, manuals, website content, bulletins, etc.

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to Educators/Bloggers

We will provide you a focused set of eagle eyes for your presentations, dissertations, lecture notes, blog posts, website copy, and other materials




  • Rates start at $0.0125 per word with a $25 minimum
  • To help determine the project cost estimate, we will select at random two sample pages from the middle of your manuscript


YOU can focus on GROWTH & VISION

  • Because of the varied nature of typical business documents (reports, employee and training manuals, proposals, etc.), rates will also vary.
  • Please contact us to discuss specifics of you project and we will provide a customized cost estimate





Posts: $0.0125 per word with a $15 minimum

Websites: $30 per hour with a one-hour minimum


Please contact us to discuss your proofreading needs such as presentations, dissertations, etc.

Rates may vary depending on the nature of the project. They are influenced by several factors including, but not limited to, word count, content, complexity, and required deadlines. Determining quotes on either a per-word or flat-rate basis will help you know how much to budget for your particular project. Payment plans are available for large projects. It is our desire to partner with you efficiently and conveniently in order to get your project published. We are equipped to take payments through PayPal or Venmo. Zelle will be added soon.

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Isaiah 40:31